Our Story

Founded in 2009 — Tortina grew to be one of the elite desserts and pastry shops all over Cairo. With a simple, creative yet modern look — we managed to stand out. This direction is applied on our line of packaging, interiors and desserts finish.
Since the beginning, our vision was exploring new tastes territories and to invent a totally different world of modernity, sensations and pleasures.
In June 2009, our first shop opened in El Merghani Street at Heliopolis district, featuring innovative interior design that goes along with the creative and different range of pastries products. Few days later, Marina branch in North Coast was launched ensuring our loyalty to our clients and exceeding with our reputation the capital border.
In June 2011, our latest concept was launched in Zamalek district where every day, enthusiastic gourmets discover pastries, macaroons and chocolates from our very own creations.
By the beginning of year 2012 we have been selected and invited by Arkan Mall Management to open our third shop among a group of most famous restaurants and café shops. Arkan branch was under operation by May 2012 and successfully covers 6 th of October district. After 5 years from the first spark of Tortina , the Brand name became one of the famous distinguished pastry shops in Egypt.
By April 2014, Tortina opened a shop in Mohandseen district at Abdel Moneim Riad st, Also by summer 2014, Tortina opened a shop at Diplomatic village entrance and another shop at Marassi - North Coast. By 2016, Tortina opened its new shop inside Lavista (North Coast). We ended our list of openings by Opening Tortina Mega Branch at Maadi district by the beginning of 2018.
And our journey didn’t stop evolving as Tortina launched its first café by 2020 at O1 mall and then launched 2 new branches at North Coast: Marassi and Caesar by the year 2021. And by 2022, Tortina had opened Nasr city branch and Sheraton branch in Cairo while launching Telal branch in North Coast. Tortina’s near future plan this year 2022 is to open in Sheikh Zayed City to be able to cover all of Egypt’s hotspots. Inspired by the great classics of French, British or even Italian pastries; our chefs spent a lot of time creating and inventing new recipes and new flavors. We give you the best of what we have received and indeed the best of ourselves. We will go out of our way to bring pleasure to others and to those true gourmands among us who justly appreciate the gift.
Our extensive collection includes oriental, modern desserts and baked savories of different ingredients to match all tastes.
Tortina has expanded throughout the years opening 17 prosperous branches, 10 all over Cairo, and 7 in the North Coast. 

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